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2 March

» Iconia Moda was first set up as a journal for my vintage icons. Since then I have spent some time playing around with graphics, and ultimately, I have developed a style that is certainly unique. These graphics I wanted to share, and so I did, and still do at my GreatestJournal community, created 15th June, 2005. That is my main community, where you will find icons of many themes. However I have decided that I wanted to reach out to the LJ users, to whom I owe almost all of my resources. I also wanted to isolate my fashion icons as they count amongst my favorites. And thus I open the new Iconia Moda @ LJ on 16th August, 2005.

» What do I make? Icons, banners, blends & headers using fashion, vintage and avant-garde photography.

» Do I have to friend you? All entries are public, but feel free to add me! That way you can keep track of updates =)
» Do I need to comment when taking graphics? Yes I would like for you to comment, and tell me exactly what you are taking. I like to know where they are going!
» Do I have to credit you? Yes. If you look at the icons, you will see the style is very detailed and multi-layered. Each icon takes a substantial time to make, and for that reason, I would like you to credit iconia_moda in your keywords. The style is also rather unique, as I mentioned. I do not want you to pass these off as your own.
» May I customise your icons or blends? You may not manipulate the image - besides, it would be very hard, considering the work that goes into them. However, if you wish to add a quote to a plain icon or make a blend into a banner, then you may. Alternatively, I can add any text you like. ;)
» Where can I use them? Anywhere you like! You can use them on GJ, LJ, Instant Messengers such as MSN...Anywhere you have the option of having a display picture.
» Also important! Do not hotlink! Save the images to your computer and then upload them to your own server. Don't steal my bandwith; there is not enough for everyone. =(

» Do you do requests? I surely do! If you would like a custom icon or banner, just leave your detailed request here. Be sure to include what images, text, font etc you wish included. I will drop off your finished graphic as a reply to your request comment, so be sure to check back to pick it up!

» Layout and all icons & graphics by iconia_moda
» Original textures used in layout thanks to inxsomniax; brushes thanks to my_wonderful

» Thankyou to the following people for the use of their:

77words · brokenicon · candycrack
_coquettish · dearest · icon_maiden
iconisms · inxsomniax · _joni
my_wonderful · ohpaintbrush
porcelainveins · PureAnodyne · redcarnage
scarsonchest · ishoku
100x100_brushes · 100x100_brushes@GJ · icon_extras

Bases & Textures:
alaskanicons · _dysfunction · inxsomniax · noctuidae
dearest -- A huge thankyou!

» All images are © the original artists. All images used are taken from internet searches or stock galleries, such as GettyImages.com & DeviantArt.com or from LJ users such as fashionesque, basicbases and fantastiche (bases), unless otherwise stated. I do not make a profit from the use of these images. They are also not for commerical use.

bellasui · _blisse · ddollcreations · ikoner · italian_jewels
foto_icons · loveaffairicons · model_graphics
porcelainveins · sweetnisse · trolldomsmakt · zoologique

» Would you like to become an affiliate? Email me: emily.etalia(at)gmail.com

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